Royal Charter

Royal Charter
Economical 60-day license

Save now by purchasing these productPM items at lower prices.  These economical 60-day licenses can be purchased at the Royal Charter vending machine located in the lobby of the productPM store building inworld.

products available with Royal Charter license:

60-day license terms and conditions:
A 60-day license provides a low cost pricing alternative (compared to the standard productPM one-time purchase price).  This lower pricing is made possible by setting the usage term to 60-days, and limiting these conditional parameters: (a) no-copy, (b) rez-once, (c) no-mod.  That means, a 60-day license is unable to be copied, can only be rezzed one time, and cannot be modified.   If you would like the full usage of any of these license restricted features, please purchase the item at the non-discounted standard price.

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