Franchise Vendor

Free with completion of Authorized Promotion Pack

Similar to the 25% Affiliate, this 50% Franchise vendor provides a good profit boost.  Franchise vendors expire after a month of use, so you will need to return to the Reseller HQ each month to buy a new Franchise vendor.  Every item of the productPM collection is available from a single Franchise vendor.   Franchise vendors are available only at the Reseller HQ.

Save and get a complimentary 50% Franchise vendor by completing the Authorized Promotion Pack (get an Authorized Promotion Pack for instructions).  When you have completed the Authorized Promotion Pack (pasted an Authorized Retailer html button, and set an Authorized Retailer profile pick) contact productPM at the Reseller Support webpage (  Write something like “Hi, I have completed the Authorized Promotion Pack and I would like to receive the free Franchise vendor”.  Please also include a webpage address where productPM can verify that you have pasted the Authorized Retailer html button.

A new free 50% Franchise vendor will be sent to you each month for as long as you continue to display both the Authorized Retailer html button and the Authorized Retailer profile pick.

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