Architecture Slideshow


Simply rez and your Architecture Slideshow will run.

You are welcome to place this Architecture Slideshow in your home or office for enjoyment.

Authorized productPM Retailers:
It is probably a good idea to place this Architecture Slideshow in your store near the productPM Series 3 Building vendor, as it will help your customers see the Architecture line of products in greater detail.

Advanced features:
LeftClick your Architecture Slideshow for a dropdown menu. You will find the slideshow transition options fairly intuitive. The actual slideshow device was created by Hippo Technologies. Use of hippoSLIDESHOW is granted to productPM by Hippo Technologies. This Architecture Slideshow has been modified for productPM specific performance. If you are interested in a first rate slideshow for your own use, productPM definitely recommends hippoSLIDESHOW, as well as the full line of Hippo Technologies items:

To aid sim performance a low lag sensor is built in, which shuts off the slideshow when no avatar is present.

Version #:
The first Architecture Slideshow contains images through Architecture 13, hence the nomenclature for v13. As more slides are added for later Architecture buildings, the version # will correspond. productPM Affiliates can get the latest Architecture Slideshow version from the Reseller HQ.

Architecture Slideshow

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