Affiliate Vendor

Affiliate Vendor: Availability status

The productPM Affiliate Vendor will give you 25% of every sale made. Your 25% commission is paid to you immediately.

Easy Set-up:

Contents include a Vendor Dispenser, which helps you easily select the vendor size best suited for your store.

Top Level Support:

productPM is committed to ensuring the reseller network is fully supported. Free assistance provided with:

Reseller HQ
Inworld location for productPM resellers to get tools and promotions. Located at the top of the inworld productPM store building.

Reseller Support Pager
Inworld support gadget with extra features

Rewards Program
Earn credit to get productPM for yourself. Every L$1,000 your vendor sells, gives you L$1,000 gift credits.

Consistency Award
For each month that your vendor remains continually rezzed inworld you get an extra L$1,000 added each month to your Rewards Account.

Authorized Promotion Pack
Display that you are an Authorized productPM Reseller. Includes a texture for your profile picks, and webpage html. Also provides you with a 50% Franchise vendor free with completion of Authorized Promotion Pack.

Authorized Affiliate Greeter 3
Place at your store front entrance.  Waves.  Hovertext welcoming greeting.

Free Music Player
Allows your store customers to quickly experience the same music heard at

Architecture Slideshow
Place beside your productPM Architecture vendor to display detailed images.

Official Logo Dispenser
Gives you productPM texture images to display in your store.

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