Question & Answer Blockade

Question & Answer Blockade

okMod, okCopy


  •  Question & Answer Blockade shows your question, which must be answered correctly in order to pass through.
  • Combination lock sound effect creates a safe cracking experience.
  • Your question is clearly viewed floating in front of the door.
  • Question & Answer Blockade is resizable to fit in your existing sim build.
  • Provides you with a report of visitor names who have touched Question & Answer Blockade.
  • For ease of use visitors need only to type the answer in regular chat (no channel instructions which may confuse newbie visitors).
  • Upon touch, helpful text also instructs visitors to please type the correct answer into chat.
  • Question and Answer Blockade resumes blocking  10 seconds after the answer was provided.
  • Confirmation of correct answer is texted which tells the visitor to pass within the next 10 seconds.
  • Upon analyzing the correct answer, Question & Answer Blockade vanishes for 10 seconds, during which period a transparent glass outline can be passed through.
  • A visitor who touches Question & Answer Blockade receives this message:  “Hello (name of avatar), Type your answer into local chat.  If your answer is correct, this blockade will move so that you can walk through.”
  • Returning visitors receive this message: “Welcome back. Please type the correct answer”.
  • Audio can be changed to play a sound file of your choice.
  • okMod provides you with the option to use your own textures
  • One touch reset allows continued reliable Question & Answer Blockade operation.

okCopy: This means you can make copies of the item. okCopy is a better value if you might need more than one instance of the item.

Extra Backup Copies: Besides this item being okCopy, the inworld productPM store features an Express Redelivery Terminal, that will give you a few extra backup copies. Should you suffer the misfortune of a Second Life server losing your inventory, you can get more copies of your item at the productPM store Express Redelivery Terminal.

Genuine productPM technical support is included with this item.

Set up:

Rez Question & Answer Blockade from your inventory.  Question & Answer Blockade individual component pieces rez as one linked unit to help you position it, to save you the repeated steps of moving all four component pieces individually. Move your Question & Answer Blockade to the area you want to block.

Advanced tip:

While pieces are linked, this is a good time to use the SL edit tool Stretch to proportionally fit Question & Answer Blockade in your existing sim design.  Further  component objects can be later precisely sized  after unlinking.  Need further help getting a good fit?  Detailed object shaping instructions are located at the bottom section Advanced tip continued.

After you have positioned Question & Answer Blockade, you will need to unlink it.  Here is how to unlink: RightClick Question & Answer Blockade > select Tools at the top of your viewer screen > select Unlink.


If you have Unlinked, then you are ready to configure the operational settings.

There are two configurable settings (1) Question setting , and (2) Answer setting.

The keypad on the front contains the Question setting.  RightClick the keypad object >Select Edit > Notice the Description field which appears on the front page of the General tab > Type your Question in the Description field > Close the edit window > LeftClick the keypad object > your Question will appear as hovertext.

(Note: upon LeftClicking the keypad, at this point in the set up, please ignore the text on the screen that says to enter the answer into chat.  –That is just a help instruction to visitors, and should be ignored during this set up process).

Next look at the sides of Question & Answer Blockade.  At the bottom of one particular side you will find a green circuit board > RightClick the circuit board > Select Edit > Select the Content tab > Notice within the content window is a notecard labeled “type your question here” > RightClick the notecard > Select Rename > Type the answer to your question as this notecard name > Close the Edit window > LeftClick the circuit board.   Text on your screen will read “Question & Answer Blockade: System on”.

Final checks:

Please make sure your Question & Answer Blockade will function correctly by checking that three software scripts are reset to the intended state:

(1) LeftClick the circuit on the side.

(2) LeftClick the keypad.

(3) LeftClick the front (invisible security sheath)

Congratulations!  Your Question & Answer Blockade is ready to use.


Report function:
Here is how get a report of the name of every avatar who touched Question & Answer Blockade.  Use channel 99 to type “report” into chat.  (To clarify, in the chat window type /99 report).   To erase the report type “reset ”.

Sound effect:
The combination vault audio is designed to create a minor ambient sound experience when visitors stand in front of the Question & Answer Blockade.  You can change the audio file by replacing with your own sound.  The sound file is located within the edit contents tab of the SoundStep component.

Continued Operation:
For ease of use Question & Answer Blockade allows visitors to type answers into open chat, without the use of a specified channel.  This is helpful to avoid newbie confusion.  If you have placed Question & Answer Blockade on an especially chatty sim location, occasionally it would be a good idea for you to LeftClick the circuit board on the side of Question & Answer Blockade.  This provides a memory refresh to ensure ongoing answer analysis operates well.


There are four object parts (the invisible Sound Step, the invisible security sheath, the keypad, and the main block) which make up Question & Answer Blockade.  If you later move your Question & Answer Blockade, do make sure to keep all of the pieces connected by linking them before moving them collectively as one.  Here is how to link:  RightClick an object > Select Edit > Press and hold the shift key > LeftClick the remaining objects > Select tools from the top of the SL viewer screen > Select Link.   (Note: when placing Question & Answer Blockade at a new location, remember to unlink, then follow all the set up instructions).   Should you have difficulty locating the invisible prims, here is how to show invisible prims on your viewer: Press these 3 keys at the same time [ctrl]+[alt]+[t]. Invisible prims will then be shown in red. To turn off invisible view, press the 3 keys again.

Advanced tip continued:

Detailed object shaping:  After stretching the linked Question & Answer blockade, should your sim build require a closer fit, here are further instructions about individually altering the size of each component prim to produce a fine-tuned fit:   First unlink > RightClick a component prim > Select Edit > Select the tab titled Object > Notice on the left side of the Object window a set of fields with the heading Size > Alter the numeric values to see the prim shape change > Continue increasing/decreasing each X,Y,Z field value until the component prim size fits precisely to your liking > Close the edit window.


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

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