okCopy, okMod, 3 prims

Passageway is Designed to accompany Question and Answer Blockade.  You are also welcome to use Passageway separately as it is resizable for your particular build needs.  Here is a webpage link to learn about Question and Answer Blockade:


  • Side windows allow guest perspective, so that they can see where they are without feeling confined.
  • Side windows provide you with visual participant progress.  If Passageway is used along with Question and Answer Blockade, you can see how far along your visitor/customer/participant is at giving correct responses.

okCopy: This means you can make copies of the item. okCopy is a better value if you might need more than one instance of the item.

Extra Backup Copies: Besides this item being okCopy, the inworld productPM store features an Express Redelivery Terminal, that will give you a few extra backup copies. Should you suffer the misfortune of a Second Life server losing your inventory, you can get more copies of your item at the productPM store Express Redelivery Terminal.

Genuine productPM technical support is included with this item.

Set Up:

Simply rez Passageway from your inventory to the general location where you would like to place it.  The Passageway individual component pieces rez as one linked unit to help you position it, to save you the repeated steps of moving all three component pieces individually.  Next, move your Passageway to the area you like.  After you have positioned Passageway, you will need to unlink it.  Here is how to unlink: RightClick Passageway > select Tools at the top of your viewer screen > select Unlink.

Congratulation on setting up your Passageway!


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

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