Visitor Display Business Edition

Visitor Display 2 Business Edition

Visitor Display Business Edition 2

A complete solution for your business visitors

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  • Visitor Display’s sleek interface provides an intuitive click button experience for your business visitors.
  • Visitor name displayed as hovertext.
    Promptly display in clear hovertext nearby visiting avatars.
  • Customize your hovertext welcome message.
    Your store specific greeting message is seen in hovertext under the visiting avatar name.
  • Sends you a daily report of visiting avatar names.
    Simple to use. Works on rez. No configuration necessary.
  • Display your business images. Textures change automatically.
  • Give Landmarks
    Menu provides multiple landmarks.
  • Take Surveys
    Create your own custom survey question. Visitors are easily able to provide you with a detailed response. Retrieve survey responses at your convenience.
  • Give Notecards
    Provide visitors with further details as need.
  • Generates SLURL
    Bloggers can paste the Second Life URL of your store location.
  • SL Profile Webpage
    A drop down menu appears offering to open the owner’s (you) Second Life profile webpage.
  • Gives Free items
    Allows you to give away any type of item.
  • Open any Webpage
    Allows you to direct your visitor to any webpage.
  • Record a Memo
    Allows your visitors to leave a 1 minute text message for you. You receive a notification, and you can retrieve your messages later.
  • Your visitors will have a sophisticated impression of you, thanks to this no-spam welcome greeter


Genuine productPM technical support is included with this item.

Set up:

1. Rez Visitor Display Business Edition from your inventory, and position it where you intend to keep it. Choose a location where your visitors can easily see when they enter. Place Visitor Display within 20m of the entry point of your business.

2. Visitor Display rezzes as one item piece. In order to customize your Visitor Display, you will need to unlink it. Unlinking will allow you to access the component pieces. To unlink RightClick Visitor Display > select Edit > from the top of your viewer screen select Tools > select Unlink.

3. To set the custom hovertext message, RightClick the back of Visitor Display > select Edit > notice that on the General tab there is a Description field > in the description field type your custom greeting message.

4. In order for your pictures to be shown, RightClick the main front screen > select Edit > select the Contents tab > drag textures from your inventory into the Contents. Your pictures will automatically change every 15 seconds.

5. To add LandMarks, from your inventory drag the LandMarks onto the LandMarks button.

6. To set a survey question, RightClick the Survey button > select Edit > notice that on the General tab there is a Description field > Type your survey Question within this Description field.

7. To add a Notecard, simply drag a notecard from your inventory onto the Notecard button.

8. The Free button will allow you to give away most types of items. Only items with transferable permission will be given to other residents. To add a free item, RightClick the Free button > select Edit > select the Contents tab > from your inventory drag an item into the contents window.

9. To specify a particular webpage to show your visitors, RightClick the WebPage button > select Edit > select the General tab > notice the Description field. Type a webpage address into the description field. Make sure to include “http://www” at the beginning of the webpage address (example

10. Congratulations on setting up your Visitor Display Business Edition 2. Enjoy using your customized complete business visitor solution.


No set up is required for the visitor list daily report.

To retrieve the survey results, simply touch the survey button. Each survey avatar name and response will be printed out as onscreen text. The survey results will then be automatically cleared.

Similarly, to retrieve your memo text messages, simply touch the memo button.

Usage Tip:

Moving your Visitor Display:

Should you need to move or take Visitor Display into your inventory, you will want to first relink all of the component pieces so that it moves neatly as one item. To relink > RightClick a piece > select Edit > hold down the Shift key while LeftClicking the remaining pieces > from the top of your viewer select Tools > select Link.


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life Viewer version 2 for the Windows OS. Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu. Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

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