Robot 3

Robot 3

14 prims, 25m high, 10m diameter


  • Follow Mode
  • Stationary Mode
  • Remote Control Mode
  • 3 floors
  • Observation dome
  • 1-way reflective glass

Robot 3S Features:

  • Robot 3 plus these features:
  • okCopy
  • Security System
  • Auto Open owner
  • Patrol Security

Robot 3 is great both as a giant follower pet and a home! Robot 3 includes a few behavioural functions:

Stationary Mode:
Upon rez, Robot 3 will be stationary. Before you can enter for the first time, it is necessary to LeftClick the huge wheel at the bottom (this will verify that you are the owner). To enter inside the house type “/3 board robot”, then walk through and into the wheel bottom. Once inside type “/3 lock robot”. There are open ports between each floor which you can have your avatar float through using basic avatar fly. On the second floor is a panoramic one-way reflective glass window. The top floor is covered by a dome which is also one-way reflective glass.

Follower Mode:
To activate Follower Mode you will need to move your avatar outside of Robot 3 in order to wake it up. You are going to need to give Robot 3 a nudge to wake it up. Click your avatar basic fly button to float your avatar upwards a bit, then bump your avatar against the large metallic ring belt that circles Robot 3. Within the next 5 seconds, Robot 3 will wake up an slowly begin to move toward you. Robot 3 is a slow but sure follower, who will try its best to eventually move next to you. Robot 3 will stop a few meters away from you, in order to not crowd you too much. While in Follower Mode, Robot 3 will scan once every 5 seconds to look for you, at a range of 90m. In order to have Robot 3 stop following, you will need to ditch it (the term “ditch” here meaning to leave behind). Ditch Robot 3 with a LeftClick to the metallic ring belt, then move your avatar at least 10m away (that LeftClick on the metallic ring belt momentarily incapacitates Robot 3, and it will forget that it was following you. If trying to ditch Robot 3, keep in mind to move your avatar away quickly after the LeftClick).

Remote Control Mode:
Robot 3 can move around at a fairly good speed in Remote Control Mode. For Remote Control mode, LeftClick the exterior dome top, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move Robot 3 (keys Page Up and Page Down also respond) .

Robot 3S

okCopy: This means you can make copies of the item. okCopy is a better value if you might need more than one instance of the item.

Extra Backup Copies: Besides this item being okCopy, the inworld productPM store features an Express Redelivery Terminal, that will give you a few extra backup copies. Should you suffer the misfortune of a Second Life server losing your inventory, you can get more copies of your item at the productPM store Express Redelivery Terminal.

Security System: The exterior walls of Robot 3S will repel any intruder that contacts it (excluding the owner).  You receive an intruder report detailing the intruder name.  The trespasser is also given a removal notification.  The repulsion system removes, unsits, and ejects the intruder.  The security system requires no set up, and works on rez.

Note: Group access
If you would like others to access your Robot S3 (that is, so they will not be considered an intruder for removal), set Robot 3S to a group.  To allow members of a certain group to have access into your Robot 3S, associate Robot 3S to the group of your choice.  (The security system will work on land which you own.  For group owned land, you will need to deed the prim to the same group which the land is set to).  Please recall that only the owner has the ability to open and go through the entrance of Robot 3S.  Thus, you will need to manually command the access for each guest when you are inside.

Security Patrol:
This method utilizes the Robot 3S Security System in conjunction with the Remote Control for offensive maneuvers. That means, the ability is present, should there ever be a circumstance where you would need to Remote Control Robot 3S to quickly auto-eject avatars by running them over. To use Security Patrol, LeftClick the exterior dome top to activate Remote Control; and maneuver Robot 3S toward the target avatar(s).

Genuine productPM technical support is included with this item.


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life Viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

Also available: Royal Charter economical 60-day license

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