okCopy, okMod
12 prims

Enjoy your very own mainframe computer.  Your sim guests will think you are a technology antiquities curator.  However, you do not have to be a scholarly programming aficionado to marvel with nostalgia at the mainframe computer unit, complete with ambient lights and functioning magnetic tape drive.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic tape drive reels slowly rotate.  Variable speed, direction, and rewind sequence
  • Random ambient algorithm automatically turns light squares on and off
  • Mainframe’s nostalgic form includes modern hovertext information updated every 10 seconds

Featured information:

  • SL Time (SLT AM-PM)
  • Mainframe owner name
  • Unix time in years and days since January 1st 1970
  • Sim region name
  • SL server name
  • Sim script responsiveness dilation measurement
  • Sim speed Frames Per Second
  • Number of avatars currently in sim
  • Number of prims rezzed on land parcel
  • Prim limit on land parcel
  • Number of prims available to rez on land parcel
  • Land parcel title
  • Area of land parcel

okCopy: This means you can make copies of the item. okCopy is a better value if you might need more than one instance of the item.

Extra Backup Copies: Besides this item being okCopy, the inworld productPM store features an Express Redelivery Terminal, that will give you a few extra backup copies. Should you suffer the misfortune of a Second Life server losing your inventory, you can get more copies of your item at the productPM store Express Redelivery Terminal.

No configuration is needed.  Simply rez and enjoy.


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

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