Detective Original Free Version

Detective Original Free Version

Detective is an essential add on to any security device you already have; and also works great as a stand alone unit. Detective thwarts both newbies and skillful intruders (crafty intruders know how to get around standard push/ban/eject security systems). Detective produces a rather ascended method to make any trespasser want to leave and not return. Place Detective at the entrance of any location that you want to keep private and secure.

As the intruder trespasses he will see Detective’s electric eye camera turning to get a good shot. The intruder then hears a camera shutter sound, which should make him realize that a photograhpic image exists of him trespassing. Then, the words below will appear on his computer screen:

“Sending Intruder Report. . . (intruder name auto-insert). . Photo and sim Location dispatched with Governance Response. Intruder Report includes your real life IP location available in compliance with Second Life Terms of Service. Please leave to avoid further trouble.”

The combination of camera photo sounds along with the Intruder Report text above will sufficiently cause most intruders to leave. A newbie intruder will be surprised -and leave. A stalker intruder may know that abuse reports are investigated officially by the SL Governance Response team –the experienced intruder will quickly calculate the risk and decide to leave posthaste. The only type of intruder remaining will be risk takers and the excessively dumb. The intruder will then see Detective’s card badge display his name along with this floating text “Intruder Report filed. Click for summary”. Detective’s card badge displays the following image wording:

Detective Report
Intruder Photo
Real Life IP
Governance Dispatch

As the intruder clicks the Detective’s card badge a dropdown menu will appear stating “Your real life Internet protocol address report” offering to open a webpage displaying this actual real life data on the intruder:

Live detection connection timer

IP Address

Latitude and Longitude


Country Code

Country Name

Telephone Area Code

After the intruder reads the heading “Every machine that is on a TCP/IP network (a local network, or the Internet) has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address”, he will realize the futility in ever trespassing with his alternante avatars.

Later, the intruder will consider all the knowledge Detective has on him, and conclude that you are a powerful resident that he should never again trespass against.

Easy Set up:
No programming or configuration is required. Detective works right away. Upon rezzing Detective there will be 3 separate prim components. You can move each of the pieces as best suited for your location. One prim component piece is nearly invisible. While you can also move the invisble prim, should you have difficulty locating the invisible prim, here is how to show invisible prims on your viewer: Press these 3 keys at the same time [ctrl]+[alt]+[t]. Invisible prims will then be shown in red. To turn off invisible view, press the 3 keys again.

After setting up your Detective Free Original Version, you will probably be curios to try Detective out on yourself.  With the first release of Detective, several customer became worried after reading the trespass zone text –afraid the device had reported the owner.   With the release of the Detective Free Original Version, the trespass zone now provides an owner only message to confirm the device simply detected the owner.


1) Question:
I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

2) Question:
“Your latest detective product sends an AR whenever someone comes near it? If I understood that correctly, I just wanted to say that I think that seems like an abuse of the AR system. If someone were to set the device incorrectly and make the range too big, anyone passing by could get AR’d, and as most of them would most likely NOT be hurting anything by being near the device, the owner of the device could actually get THEMSELVES in trouble for filing false reports.”

We considered this concern in designing the Detective product.  Your fear is not described in the product literature. It is something you have assumed.

3) Question:
I work as a mentor in SL and we spend a lot of time teaching people to file ARs, and a lot of them don’t get answered as fast as they should because the governance team is busy looking into lots of false ones in the meantime. It seems like a strain on our resources as a community to have a device AR people without actually confirming that they’re doing something bad.

Haha. Indeed. Good thing your worries are assumed.

4) Question:
Well, your literature said it sends a governance report. What is that? I’m just trying to understand how your product works.

As a policy we cannot reveal a design trade secret.

5) Question:
I am interested in your Detective device…can the detection range be set on it? or is it preset to a certain distance?

Detective’s electric eye camera watches intruder movements within upwards of 90m.  Detective communicates, when the intruder trespasses within a 4m x 6m zone. The 3 components of Detective (eletric eye, card badge, trespass zone) can be positioned as needed. Detective Original Free Version allows unlimited copies of each component, and can be used to cover larger or multiple areas.

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