Architecture 15

Architecture 15
60 x 60m, 160m high
953 prims, okCopy, okMod


  • Tower eight floors high
  • Geodesic dome top
  • 160m high skyscraper
  • Each floor is 20m high

Includes Teleport:
Architecture 15 features a Hippo Technologies teleport system. productPM has preconfigured the teleports for easy 1-touch use. No teleport set up is needed. For ease of use, when the building is rezzed, all the teleports work immediately. Hippo Technologies’ reputation for excellence is evident with an added advance teleport menu.

Includes Architecture^UP^:
productPM Architecture^UP^ ensures a fast and helpful experience in rezzing and positioning your Architecture 15 tower building.

Includes Architecture [ Safe ]:
Architecture [ Safe ] intruder repulsion system allows you to customize any Architecture room, or entire floor as a secure area.  Quickly remove, unsit, and eject intruders.  A report is sent to the owner which shows the intruder avatar name.  Architecture [ Safe ] allows group access.

okCopy: This means you can make copies of the item. okCopy is a better value if you might need more than one instance of the item.

Extra Backup Copies: Besides this item being okCopy, the inworld productPM store features an Express Redelivery Terminal, that will give you a few extra backup copies. Should you suffer the misfortune of a Second Life server losing your inventory, you can get more copies of your item at the productPM store Express Redelivery Terminal.


Easy building set up

1) Locate the Architecture 15 folder within your inventory. The contents of your Architecture 15 folder include the object Architecture^UP^. Drag Architecture^UP^ from your inventory to the location where you plan to rez your building.

2) LeftClick Architecture^UP^. A dropdown menu will appear. Press the “Build” button. Sit back and watch your Architecture 15 rez into position.

Depending on your sim speed, and the number of prims your Architecture building contains the automated build process could vary from less than a minute to several minutes.

If you choose a location that did not provide adequate room, it would now be a good idea for you to remove that mess you made, by touching the button labeled “Clean”.

3) When all of the pieces have rezzed into place, you can then reposition Architecture 15. Move the Architecture^UP^ box and the Architecture 15 building will follow accordingly.

Note: Do not reposition by moving pieces of the building.

4) When you have placed your Architecture 15 building in the exact location you want, press the button labeled “Done”.

Note: Architecture^UP^ may time out after 30secs of no response. Just LeftClick Architecture^UP^ again (this is a low-lag feature to improve overall sim performance).

5) Congratulations! Enjoy your Architecture 15 tower building.


Architecture [ Safe ] set up instructions located at bottom


Architecture Teleport Help



Simply LeftClick for immediate automatic teleport to the next floor.



Free Point-2-Point Teleporter Designed and Developed by Andy Enfield © Hippo Technologies. Licensed to productPM by Hippo Technologies.

Your Architecture building will usually rez the teleports in place ready to work. If you reposition your building, or the build process takes several minutes to complete, the coordinates within the teleports will need to be reset manually. Follow the Advanced Teleport Instructions below, then select the Reset option on each teleport.

Alternatively, it may be easier for you to first position your Architecture building where you like it, then press the Clean button from Architecture^UP^ to remove the building completely, then select the Build button, and all the teleports should rez in place with the correct coordinates.


Advanced Teleport Features:

productPM has preconfigured the Point-2-Point Teleporter for easy one click touch and go use within Architecture. Hippo Technologies provides further modification instructions detailed later.

In order to access the modification dropdown menu follow these steps:

1. RightClick the teleport

2. Select Edit

3. Select the General tab

4. Locate the option “When Left-Clicked”

5. Open the dropdown menu and select “Touch/grab(default)”.

6. Close the Edit window.

7. LeftClick teleport for dropdown configuration menu by Hippo Technologies. Advanced teleport feature instructions below.

Support for Architecture provided by

Note2: Support for the teleport system is limited to the default setting (original out of the box state). Advanced teleport feature modification support is not available by

Kindly direct support questions to regarding the Hippo Technology teleporter used with Architecture.

Free Point-2-Point Teleporter
Designed and Developed by Andy Enfield
Hippo Technologies

This simple, free teleport system allows you to connect together pairs of teleport pads anywhere in the same sim. Using it is simplicity itself:

(1) Rez a teleport pad at the first location. Right click, choose ‘Edit’ (then More>>> if only the mini-build window opens). In the “Contents” tab enter a number in the ‘Description’ field. This is the channel that your pad will communicate on. If you want more than one pair of pads in your sim, each pair needs to have a different channel. You may also want to change the *name* of the teleport pad, too, to make it more meaningful. Close the build dialog box when you’re done.

(2) Rez a second teleport pad at the second location and, just as in (1), edit it’s description and put the same channel number. The pad should automatically connect to the other one. You may now right-click it and choose teleport.

** IMPORTANT NOTES >> Teleports only work between pads no more than 300m apart. If your pads are further apart than this, then instead of right-clicking, a user can left-click the pad to get the other pad’s location shown in the map window. (As the owner, you’d left-click then choose ‘Map’.

** TIP >> After renaming a pad or changing its channel, click it and choose “Reset” to ensure it’s details are transmitted to the pad it is paired with. (Details are automatically sent if you move it or re-rez it).


As the owner, you will get a menu if you left-click a teleport pad. These are the options …

RESET -> Reset the pad and re-establish communications with any pad it’s paired with

HELP -> Get a copy of this notecard

SLurl -> Chat an SLurl web address of the paired teleport pad (you can click on this in chat history)

HOVERTEXT -> open a sub-menu allowing you to turn hovertext on or off (and adjust the colour if you wish). You’ll also be able to decide whether a pad’s hovertext shows the location name or coordinates in the hovertext.

That’s all there is to it. We hope you enjoy using your free teleport pad. Do take the opportunity to visit the Hippo Technologies Store …

… where you can check out our full range of gadgets and business systems …

** hippoRENT >> Second Life’s most advanced and popular (over 10,000 users) land and property rental system. With hundreds of features, including the ability to control it from your web browser, it makes running any rental business, large or small, entirely painless.

** hippoVEND >> An advanced, web-enabled vending system, making selling your products at multiple locations a breeze. Full web-browser driven management, sales logging, the ability to distribute affiliate vendors and many more exciting features.

** hippoIMAGE >> A powerful texture/image management gadget, letting you easily organize and find the image or texture you need with just a few mouse clicks. Don’t let Second Life’s inventory system confuse you — use hippoIMAGE to quickly find, magnify or see what any image looks like tiled.

** hippoTELL >> A fun-to-use web-driven noticeboard system. Set a message inworld or on your browser, update multiple boards at once, allow chosen friends to edit messages etc. etc. A great way to communicate with customers, friends or clients.

** hippoUPDATE >> Want to give free product updates to loyal customers? Now it’s easy, using the hippoUPDATE update server. Web-integrated, so no need to worry about Second Life key’s and all that bother. Sets up in minutes, integrates easily with existing products and your customers will love your attention to service!

… all this and much much more.

Hippo Technologies


Architecture [ Safe ] set up:

Architecture [ Safe ] Quick Set up Instructions:
Rez Architecture [ Safe ].  Inside this box you will find the Architecture [ Safe ] script.  Place the Architecture [ Safe ] script inside each prim which you would intend to section off as the perimeter of the secure area.  Start with the walls, and if you want to be extra thorough you can also place the script in the prims of the floor and ceiling.

Architecture [ Safe ] Detailed Set up instructions:
In order to place each Architecture [ Safe ] script into a prim of the building structure, RightClick the building piece > select Edit > select the Contents tab.  Drag the script from your inventory to the prim Contents.

You may find it helpful to first unlink any linked Architecture prims.  To unlink, RightClick the desired prim > Select Edit > from the top of your viewer screen Select Tools > Select Unlink.

Architecture [ Safe ] group access:
To allow members of a certain group to have access into your Architecture [ Safe ] area, associate each prim to the group of your choice.  (The intruder repulsion system will work on land which you own.  For group owned land, you will need to deed the prim to the same group which the land is set to).


I cannot find Tools / Edit / etc…

These instructions are based on the official Second Life viewer.  Often productPM documentation refers to accessing an object’s Contents menu.  Right-Click the item > select Edit (or Build if that is currently appearing) > then select the Contents tab.

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