Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The new productPM software website was completed a few months ago, and minor revisions are continually being worked on.

Also, the flagship productPM software store tower building inworld was rebuilt and redesigned. Store floor to floor teleports remain operational for customers, while a walkway project continues.

Deep coding research has been ongoing. Such behind the scenes software design will surely result in productPM development in the years forward, all in due time.

And finally, a note to the productPM Reseller Network; your Reseller Rewards continue to report in, and are recorded for disbursement of gift vouchers. Thanks in advance for your patience as Reseller Rewards become reconciled. While there have been no complaints, productPM software is always committed to the productPM Reseller Network.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.


Website Migration

More than just a spring cleaning is scheduled as part of the productPM website migration to hosting provider WordPress.com.   By end of Summer 2012 every last page, image, and code module should be reconnected properly.   Service will probably be temporarily off-line for the Detective Original Free Version and productPM Select music player, while a separate page host is later programmed for those items.  The existing productPM WordPress blog will be reconfigured into a typical front-end informational website for the domain productPM.com.  With reflection, it is noted that productPM outlasted the now defunct Microsoft OfficeLive webhost service.  While MS does offer so-called simple website management with Office 360, it sorely lacks an automatic transition function for existing customers of OfficeLive; and so for the same amount of setup work, productPM selects WordPress.com as a hosted website service provider.  Thanks for your support as productPM adapts, again and again.

Preview Architecture 20

Architecture 20 sneak preview!

More details will be available when Architecture 20 is officially released.


Business Partnership

Hippo Technologies and productPM are pleased to announce a business partnership, to be managed by parent company B & M Software Group.

productPM founder, PM, said that this Second Life focused business adventure reminds him of the literary classic Don Quixote; where PM relates to the journey of Don Quixote’s assistant Sancho:

Sancho Panza rode on his donkey like a patriarch, with his saddlebags, and his wineskin, and a great desire to see himself governor of the island Don Quixote had promised him. Sancho Panza said, “Senior Knight Errant, be sure not to forget what you promised me about the island; I’ll know how to govern it no matter how big it is.” To which Don Quixote replied, “You must know friend Sacho Panza, that it was a very common custom of the knight errant of old to make their squires governors of the islands or kingdoms they won.” Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, published in 1605

B & M Software Group

Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition


Notecards are widely used in Second Life because they are crazy fast and super easy to use. Your visitors will have extra fun hearing the robotic voice say “Please select a notecard”. Notecard Dispenser provides organized distribution of practical notecards. Besides text, notecards can also contain landmarks and textures. Improve and rework your inworld strategy with Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition.

Advanced Features:

  • Auto-sense option
  • Invisible hide mode
  • Group only mode
  • Reporting
  • Custom hovertext
  • Quantity hovertext
  • Robotic voice

Also includes:

  • Multiple notecard giver
  • Menu selection
  • Give hundreds of notecards
  • Touch activation
  • Drop down button notice
  • Easy to use
  • Dual front access

Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition is available inworld at the productPM store building.


Notecard Dispenser

productPM announces the release of a very useful tool, Notecard Dispenser. Notecard Dispenser provides organized distribution of practical easy to use notecards.

Features include:

  • Multiple notecard giver
  • Menu selection
  • Give hundreds of notecards
  • Touch activation
  • Drop down button notice
  • Easy to use
  • Dual front access

Notecard Dispenser is available at the inworld procuctPM store building.


Detective Original Free Version


The best selling, early productPM item, Detective, is now updated as a free release. To distinguish this complimentary pricing, the item name was rebranded as “Detective Original Free Version”. An owner-only feature request was added, as well as a completely re-tooled IP Report webpage at the productPM website. The Detective Original Free Version is now available exclusively at the inworld productPM store building.


Free Scenic Slideshow


The Free Scenic Slideshow has been updated with photography of Ocean Beach Surf Waves. The Free Scenic Slideshow is available inworld at the productPM store building.


Reseller Vendor


productPM releases a new Affiliate Vendor pack, featuring Vendor Dispenser v2.7. This latest distribution includes a new design form factor in large, small, low-prim, and single-item sizes. The productPM Affiliate Vendor is available at the reseller HQ located at the top of the productPM store building inworld.


Welcome Step v2

WelcomeStep v2

The first version of WelcomeStep was released over 2 years ago by productPM, as a simple prim that played an audible robotic voice saying “welcome”. That simple product remained a customer favorite for a long time. A considerable amount of programming development went into the design of Welcome Step v2. New configuration settings were enabled by fusing code licensed by Hippo Technologies. The productPM News subscribers (inworld) were given an advance release announcement, and Welcome Step v2 seems to already be popular with customers. Three version of Welcome Step v2 are available inworld at the productPM store building.


Welcome Step v2 Basic Version:

  • Voice Speaks welcome
  • Welcome text with visitor name
  • Multi-language welcome text
  • Multi-language audible voice
  • Auto-sense visitor viewer language
  • Invisible mode
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Welcome Step v2 Business Edition:

  • All the features of the Basic version
  • Hovertext visitor name welcoming sequence
  • Includes Customer Helper:
    • Follow up with visitors
    • Adjustable follow up time
    • Changeable name for Customer Helper
    • Customize your follow up message
    • Give link to your SL resident profile

Welcome Step v2 Corporate Edition:

  • All the features of the Business Edition
  • okCopy
  • Notifies hippoVISIT


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