Website Migration

More than just a spring cleaning is scheduled as part of the productPM website migration to hosting provider   By end of Summer 2012 every last page, image, and code module should be reconnected properly.   Service will probably be temporarily off-line for the Detective Original Free Version and productPM Select music player, while a separate page host is later programmed for those items.  The existing productPM WordPress blog will be reconfigured into a typical front-end informational website for the domain  With reflection, it is noted that productPM outlasted the now defunct Microsoft OfficeLive webhost service.  While MS does offer so-called simple website management with Office 360, it sorely lacks an automatic transition function for existing customers of OfficeLive; and so for the same amount of setup work, productPM selects as a hosted website service provider.  Thanks for your support as productPM adapts, again and again.

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