Business Partnership

Hippo Technologies and productPM are pleased to announce a business partnership, to be managed by parent company B & M Software Group.

productPM founder, PM, said that this Second Life focused business adventure reminds him of the literary classic Don Quixote; where PM relates to the journey of Don Quixote’s assistant Sancho:

Sancho Panza rode on his donkey like a patriarch, with his saddlebags, and his wineskin, and a great desire to see himself governor of the island Don Quixote had promised him. Sancho Panza said, “Senior Knight Errant, be sure not to forget what you promised me about the island; I’ll know how to govern it no matter how big it is.” To which Don Quixote replied, “You must know friend Sacho Panza, that it was a very common custom of the knight errant of old to make their squires governors of the islands or kingdoms they won.” Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, published in 1605

B & M Software Group

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