Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition


Notecards are widely used in Second Life because they are crazy fast and super easy to use. Your visitors will have extra fun hearing the robotic voice say “Please select a notecard”. Notecard Dispenser provides organized distribution of practical notecards. Besides text, notecards can also contain landmarks and textures. Improve and rework your inworld strategy with Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition.

Advanced Features:

  • Auto-sense option
  • Invisible hide mode
  • Group only mode
  • Reporting
  • Custom hovertext
  • Quantity hovertext
  • Robotic voice

Also includes:

  • Multiple notecard giver
  • Menu selection
  • Give hundreds of notecards
  • Touch activation
  • Drop down button notice
  • Easy to use
  • Dual front access

Notecard Dispenser Deluxe Edition is available inworld at the productPM store building.

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