Welcome Step v2

WelcomeStep v2

The first version of WelcomeStep was released over 2 years ago by productPM, as a simple prim that played an audible robotic voice saying “welcome”. That simple product remained a customer favorite for a long time. A considerable amount of programming development went into the design of Welcome Step v2. New configuration settings were enabled by fusing code licensed by Hippo Technologies. The productPM News subscribers (inworld) were given an advance release announcement, and Welcome Step v2 seems to already be popular with customers. Three version of Welcome Step v2 are available inworld at the productPM store building.


Welcome Step v2 Basic Version:

  • Voice Speaks welcome
  • Welcome text with visitor name
  • Multi-language welcome text
  • Multi-language audible voice
  • Auto-sense visitor viewer language
  • Invisible mode
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Welcome Step v2 Business Edition:

  • All the features of the Basic version
  • Hovertext visitor name welcoming sequence
  • Includes Customer Helper:
    • Follow up with visitors
    • Adjustable follow up time
    • Changeable name for Customer Helper
    • Customize your follow up message
    • Give link to your SL resident profile

Welcome Step v2 Corporate Edition:

  • All the features of the Business Edition
  • okCopy
  • Notifies hippoVISIT


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