Hidden Inventory Archive Assistant

The release of Hidden Inventory Archive Assistant includes the new v3 Inventory BackUP Storage container scripts, which allow for long object naming.  The okCopy version also includes hippoSLIDESHOW, plus an updated version of hippoINVENTORY is also included!

Hidden Inventory Archive Assistant Features:

* Retrieval menu buttons per container.  One-touch content menu provides a drop down display menu to quickly page through each container contents.  Per container browser narrows retrieval to find your items.

* Archive Assistant supports long object names in drop down dialog display.

* Hide your Inventory BackUP Storage items within a picture frame!

* Picture retracts at owner unlock command. Safe auto-close.

* Photo frame: Easily replace image with your own textures.

* Picture image auto change cycle

* Storage containers match inventory folders:
Animations, Landmarks, Scripts, Body parts, Notecards, Sounds, Clothing, Objects, Textures, Gestures, and Photos.

* Expanded storage containers include:
Photos, Found, Misc, Weapons, Store, Vehicles, Work, Animals, Business, Gadgets, Home, Garden, and Books.

* Easy to drag items from your SL inventory to storage containers.

HippoINVENTORY features:
Bring a little order to your inventory chaos.  HippoINVENTORY is a set of simple scripts you can add to any prim. Once you do, you can use easy to learn voice commands to check, organise, delete, copy, give inventory items.

HippoSLIDESHOW features:
HippoSLIDESHOW is an easy-to-use yet powerful picture presentation system. Whether you want to display your Second Life pictures as a piece of artwork to brighten up your virtual home, or promote your products to your customers,  hippoSLIDESHOW offers you dozens of features.

Hidden Inventory Archive Assistant is available at the productPM store building inworld.


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