Visitor Display Business Edition 2

productPM is pleased to announce the release of Visitor Display Business Edition 2.  Visitor Display’s sleek interface provides an intuitive click button experience for your business visitors.  The cost of this second edition is the same price as the original, with a new design and added features; making Visitor Display Business Edition 2 a complete solution for your business visitors.

Features include:

* Visitor Name displayed as hovertext

* Custom hovertext welcome message

* Sends daily report of visiting avatar names

* Displays your business images

* Textures change automatically

* Gives multiple LandMarks

* Take Surveys

* Gives Notecards

* Generates SLURLs

* SL Profile webpage

* Gives Free items

* Opens any webpage

* Records a text Memo

Visitor Display Business Edition 2 is now available inworld at the productPM building.

productPM is also pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Hippo Technologies for Visitor Display Corporate Edition 2.  Development is now in progress to provide Visitor Display Corporate Edition 2 customers with the advanced features of hippoSLIDESHOW and hippoVISIT.  More details will be published when Visitor Display Corporate Edition is released later.

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