Safe Start

productPM is pleased to announce the release of a new gadget called Safe Start.  Safe Start is useful to set as your home login position, helping to securely organize your inventory.   Safe Start includes Inventory BackUP Storage.  Safe Start is enclosed in a structural security system.

* Serene all –direction views
* 1-way privacy glass
* Owner only entrance
* Intruder repulsion system
* Quickly remove, unsit, and eject intruders
* Intruder report sent to owner
* Security can be set for group access
* Security works on rez, no setup required
* Includes Inventory BackUP Storage
* Container names match SL inventory folders
* Alphabetized containers
* One-touch content menu
* 5 storage cabinets
* Cabinets equipped with hide mode
* Per container browser
* Expanded labeled containers

Safe Start is available at the productPM store building inworld.

Also, Safe Start Prime is in development.  Safe Start Prime will be okCopy, incorporate additional features, and include hippoINVENTORY in order to provide Safe Start Prime users with an advanced feature set by Hippo Technologies.

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